Are You Over-posting on Your Facebook Page?


Old school marketing books will tell you that repetition is the best way to engrave a message to the public and although this works with other means of communication the internet doesn’t respond well with repetition of a message.Think about it, when you are scrolling down your news feed and you see that family member post every few hours what she is eating, you might eventually just start to hide her posts. The same goes for business pages, no one wants to see your mother’s day special posted all day everyday.

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Nonprofits and Social Media


With so much hype surrounding non-profits using social media to increase funds, I can show you how you can too.

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It’s a Team Effort


It is easy to hire someone to “take care” of your business’ social media but easy isn’t always right. There is a saying in Spanish that goes “lo barato sale caro” which translates roughly to “cheap things are more expensive in the long run”. The same goes with social media and online content. You can’t […]

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