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7 Reasons Your Social Media Efforts Aren’t Working


So your business is on social media and you post stuff, have your logo on your profile and you have someone that is in charge of keeping up with it. So why haven’t your sales gone up? Social ¬†Media marketing is a misconstrued, misunderstood and misguided marketing channel. I have summed up the reasons on […]

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Are Your Newsletters Working?


I have business owners tell me all the time when I first sit down with them “my newsletters aren’t working”. My response is simple and maybe a little arrogant, “what does working mean?”

The question opens a can of worms, of which we need to clean out and discover which of these worms is actually a caterpillar and eventually which one will become a butterfly. What is a butterfly, in this analogy a butterfly is a newsletter that reminds your clients that you exists, informs them, inspires them and may even make them laugh.

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Who do you think is more active on social media?

Who do you think is more active on social media? http://ow.ly/CC8qJ #venus #mars #battleofthesexes #socialmedia #iliveforthis #passionisbusiness

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Nonprofits and Social Media


With so much hype surrounding non-profits using social media to increase funds, I can show you how you can too.

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The Anatomy of a perfect event.

The Anatomy of a perfect event. http://ow.ly/BPyRv #purpleday #infographic #contentmarketing #passionisbusiness

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Real Estate and Social Media, Friend or Foe?


Real Estate agents constantly bombard their social media with listings. That is a compete “no-no”. If you don’t network like that in “real life” why are you networking like that with the internet?

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How to be a Killer Marketer in the Digital Era

How to be a Killer Marketer in the Digital Era http://ow.ly/AfHPn #iliveforthis #muhahahahaha #killem

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What Day is Today?


Did you know that August 13th is¬†International Left Handers Day? You probably don’t really care, newsflash, the internet cares. On August 13th every left handed person will be sharing, retweeting, posting liking and hashtagging things all related to that day. People who are not left handed……..right handed……………will also be posting these things and tagging all […]

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What You’re Doing Wrong On Social Media.


I have clients constantly boast to me that they have a lot a Facebook friends and that their 17 year old family member is in charge of their Social Media. Which leads me to ask “How many like and shares are you getting?” “Do your clients come in and comment about your Social Media Pages?”, […]

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