It’s a Team Effort


It is easy to hire someone to “take care” of your business’ social media but easy isn’t always right. There is a saying in Spanish that goes “lo barato sale caro” which translates roughly to “cheap things are more expensive in the long run”. The same goes with social media and online content. You can’t just ask someone to come in and do all your social media if they don’t know the first thing about your

There are professionals (me) that can come in and analyze what needs to be updated on your social media profiles, let you know what sites you should be focusing your energy on and show you what “share-able” and “likable” content looks like. That hired professional can even update your online profiles constantly (an easy way to get your SEO up) but what they (I) cannot do is share your passion with the internet community.

Having everyone on the team involved in your social media marketing efforts is a great step into increasing your ROC (return on conversation) which essentially is your goal. You want the town to talk, and your employees are citizens of that town, with an online voice.

With that being said, there is a downfall. Employees must understand how their online actions can ultimately affect what your company is attempting to do. It is important to implement policies on how employees reference their employers on social media sites.


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